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WORK ORDER FORM - send this with your cue

Cue Refinishing
Refinish butt and 6" above joint on one shaft $100.00
Extra shafts sent with cue (6" up from the joint) $25.00 each
Refinish shaft only 6" up from the joint (not with butt section) $30.00
Refinish only above the wrap (forearm) $60.00
Refinish only below the wrap (butt sleeve) $60.00
Refinish wrapless cues add $25.00
Finish over Irish linen $45.00 (ex. like most Meucci's) NOTE: if its solid white the price is $70.00
Repair damages to cue (call or e-mail for prices)

Clean and Reseal shaft (removes dirt and dings) $20.00
Fix large broken grain dents in shaft $5 to $15
Reduce shaft diameter and reseal $25.00
Lengthen taper $20.00
Extra shafts made starting at $165.00

Cue Tips
Elkmaster - Soft $15.00
LePro - Medium $15.00
Triumph - Medium with backing pad $15.00
Triangle - Medium Hard $15.00
Water Buffalo - Hard $15.00
Everest $30.00
Talisman $25.00
Samsara Break Tip $25.00
Sniper $35.00
Moori $32.50
Kamui Black Clear $50.00
Customer Supplied Tip $17.00

Ferrules - others might be available
Ivorine $30.00
Aegis $30.00
Fiber - usually found on house cues $20.00

Irish Linen wraps - $45.00
Many other colors not pictured available upon request...
Black w/ White specs White w/ Green specs
White w/ Black specs Solid Black
White w/ Double Black specs Black w/ Green specs
White w/ Brown specs Black w/ Red specs
White w/ Double Brown specs Solid White (coat overs) add $70.00
Brown w/ White specs *special color orders add $10.00

Other wrap services
Clean and repress existing linen / cortland wrap - $25.00
Restore / dye existing leather wrap (black only) - $25.00
Finish over Irish Linen (ex. like most Meucci's) - add $45.00

Leather Wraps - $100.00
(lightly textured black, smooth black)

Lizard Wraps - $225.00
black, brown, cognac, and wine (others available)