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Proficient Billiards extends to its customers the opportunity to deal with our experience of all of the facets of buying, selling, and restoration... You work hard to play your best and Proficient Billiards works just as hard to make your cue look good while you're doing it. If you are searching for some of the best cue refinishing and cue repair in the billiard industry, then look no further. Finish work is done in a timely manner. So whether you are playing, collecting, or buying and selling cues the inconvenience is minimal.

The duty of Proficient Billiards is to provide top quality work for a below average price. Also to provide you the customer with a fast and reliable service. A cue that is sent for basic refinishing (no broken or missing parts) is needed here about 7 to 10 days.

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WORK ORDER FORM - send this with your cue


Cue Refinishing

Refinish butt and 6" above joint on one shaft $100.00
Extra shafts sent with cue (6" up from the joint) $25.00 each
Refinish shaft only 6" up from the joint (not with butt section) $30.00
Refinish only above the wrap (forearm) $60.00
Refinish only below the wrap (butt sleeve) $60.00
Refinish wrapless cues add $25.00
Finish over Irish linen (ex. like most Meucci's) NOTE: if its solid white the price is $70.00 $45.00
Repair damages to cue (call or e-mail for prices)


Clean and Reseal shaft (removes dirt and dings) $20.00
Fix large broken grain dents in shaft $5 to $15
Reduce shaft diameter and reseal $25.00
Lengthen taper $20.00
Extra shafts made starting at $165.00
Cue Tips
Elkmaster - Soft $12.00
LePro - Medium  $12.00
Triumph - Medium with backing pad $12.00
Triangle - Medium Hard $13.00
Water Buffalo - Hard $13.00
Everest $30.00
Talisman $25.00
Samsara Break Tip $25.00
Sniper $35.00
Moori $32.50
Kamui Black (add $5 for clear) $45.00
Customer Supplied Tip $17.00

*Take $5.00 off any of these tips with a ferrule installation.

Ferrules - others might be available

Ivorine $30.00
Aegis $30.00
Fiber - usually found on house cues $20.00
Ivory $85.00

Irish Linen wraps - $40.00

Black w/ White specs White w/ Green specs
White w/ Black specs Solid Black
White w/ Double Black specs Black w/ Green specs
White w/ Brown specs Black w/ Red specs
White w/ Double Brown specs Solid White (coat overs) add $70.00
Brown w/ White specs *special color orders add $10.00
many other colors available  


Other wrap services

Clean and repress existing linen / cortland wrap - $25.00                                         
Restore / dye existing leather wrap (black only) - $25.00
Finish over Irish Linen (ex. like most Meucci's) - add $45.00

Leather and Exotic Wraps

Leather Wraps - $100.00
(lightly textured black, smooth black)


Lizard Wraps $225.00
black, brown, cognac, and wine (others available)

When you send your cue make sure that it is well packaged and it is recommended that it be insured. It is not the policy of Proficient Billiards to tell its customers how to package their cues, in fact the question has been asked in the past if it was alright to send a cue in a case. No problem.... the truth is that the cue is your investment and if you want to protect it, then please do.

Some customers fill out the work order form and send their cue without any correspondence, some email with questions first, and some call on the phone. Whichever makes you feel more comfortable, is how Proficient Billiards will deal with it. But please whichever you choose, print out the work order form and send it along with the cue (s).

Feel free to e-mail or call with any questions. The work done here is second to none and speaks for itself. All work is satisfaction guaranteed.